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About me

Born and bred in UK AG Brown, popularly known as DJ AG Brown is an up-and-coming under-the-radar Disc Jockey. She developed interest in music at an early age while she grew up listening to rap and hip-pop music. DJ AG Brown started deejaying with her friends and nephew (who is now a producer) right from her house.  

She started with a key board, a bass guitar, an electric guitar, no mixer, and no laptop just a drum kit. Her gig developed and she got herself a mixer and began playing at parties and clubs just for hobby.

Her becoming a pro DJ was inspired by her fans who loved the way she 'rocked the party’; now this encouraged her to go pro and she went to a music school - point blank music college where she got a certificate in DJ.  


AG has played in a few clubs and parties. She plays all sorts of music genre and for all kinds of events. DJ AG Brown is available for all your private, house, hall and club parties.


Follow her on bb@21dd3f8a you can also check out her mixes and very own white labels on mixcloud.
Follow her on radio on